Bespoke Wordpress Websites

People Will Always Need Plates

Wearing out 14 keyboards during the development of People Will Always Need Plates’ website (henceforth referred to as PWANP) was a small price to pay for this opportunity.

Robin and Hannah at PWANP are hugely respected designers of plates, mugs and textiles amongst other things, tying together functionality with great design. And whilst Prince Charles may not be a fan of the Brutalist architecture that inspires a lot of their products, most others, including us, are.

It was an honour to get the commission, and in return we created a showcase e-commerce site, utilising the latest technologies to create a slick, functional experience that ties in tightly with the brand.

pwanp-01 pwanp-02 pwanp-03


Open Doors Day Nursery

The main brief for the website was fun, informative, interactive and identifiable. The new website needed to allow the nursery to communicate directly with the parents. The client also required us to design a fun logo which could be used not only for the website but for stationary and signage.

On opening the website you immediately see the wow factor! The logo is bright and welcoming, FAH have certainly got the fun factor across. The new website is a custom made WordPress theme and is a responsive design that uses the Bootstrap framework, which has enabled the functionality of the site to display on multiple devices and browsers.



Rye Cafe Bar

Tom contacted FAH to design and build him a bespoke WordPress theme which he could update himself. He wanted the design to be simple, modular and contemporary.

FAH took the newly created branding and created a truly unique design for the cafe. The end result is simply beautiful!



La Capanna

La Capanna came to FAH designs to refresh their website they’d had done by our designer many years ago. They wanted to modernise the design and make the website mobile responsive as many of its customers view the website on smartphones during work hours. The main object was to showcase their menus and be easily update when required.

FAH created it’s very own theme ‘Simba’ which is very tailorable to the client. The designers took the current branding along with new photography and made something very pleasing on the eye. The new website works very well and looks fantastic on smartphones and tablets, the menus are clean and simple to view. Tony now has full control over the website, especially the menus and can now edit the information when needed. So if you’re hungry why not give La Capanna a visit!